• `Love someone for his heart, not for his touch’. This saying is being practically implemented a lot nowadays in the present scenario of dating which has shifted its base from coffee shops to personal desktops. Socializing online is common due to the hectic schedules of people but this often culminates into a full blown online relationship through a series of `online-dates’. But one can’t ignore the direct connections that lots of cyber crime cases bear to the online dating phenomenon. But you can read out some signs that will help you to safeguard yourself from potential threats while dating someone online.

    Is your online dating partner rushing things too fast?

    You should always get cautious if you feel that your online dating partner is not respecting your need to take the things slowly in the relationship. If your partner is forcing you to come over at his place for meeting then you should get alarmed that something might be fishy. It’s better to choose a public place to meet up for the first time.



    Is there demand for obscene videos in the garb of love?

    If your online date insists that you send him or her some obscene pictures or videos of yours then that is a highly alarming sign and you should get suspicious about the intentions of your online date. He or she might misuse the images or blackmail you for extorting money. It is also a possibility that the person might try to exploit you physically.

    Aren’t you getting officially introduced on his facebook page?

    If it has been a couple of months since you started dating and your online dating partner has still not come up with the suggestion of introducing you to his friends circle on social media like Facebook, then you should take it as a sign that your date is not serious about you because commitment is lacking in the relationship. He might be cheating on you.

    Internet Safety for Children & Teens – What Parents Should Know

    Internet Safety for Children & Teens – What Parents Should Know

    Is your online dating partner demanding monetary help?

    There is no dearth of emotional fools in the world and there are many predators prying in search of such people. If your dating partner has suddenly informed you about a tragedy and asked for monetary help then you should not give in so easily to the demand before verifying the authenticity of the tragedy.

    Does your partner forget details about you very soon?

    If you have started a new dating relationship online and your partner is constantly in the habit of forgetting details about you, then it might be the case that a group of members from the opposite sex are playing and flirting with you for enjoyment. Forgetting details might happen because every time you are talking to some new person unknowingly.

    No matter how beautiful love is, there are always chances that the beauty of love belongs to your mind while the other person online might be conspiring against you to fulfill illicit wishes. Therefore you must carefully take every step and keep your mind open for red signals while dating online because love is blind but not your mind.

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  • Gadgets and machines have not only made our life easier by doing the workload in behalf of us, but also because these gadgets allowed us to monitor our health anytime we want to. The gadgets have also provided a way for many people to make exercise a fun activity rather than become an activity that is hard to sustain. For those that are into fitness gadgets, here’s a short list of fitness gadgets specifically for runners.

    Nike Free Flyknit

    There are some who are advocates of barefoot running. At such, they usually endorse products that allow runners to run close to barefoot running. One of these products is the Nike Free Flyknit shoes. This shoe is actually worn like a sock. It has not tongue and has a clingy upper aside from being brightly-colored. It just gives you enough support but still feels like you are running without wearing anything at all. Based on style and performance, these shoes are second to none.

    10 best fitness gadgets

    10 best fitness gadgets

    Philips Neckband Headphones

    One can find many brands claiming that their products are the best running headphones but you can actually just use your money to pay an ordinary headphone. If you are really into running headphones, you can never go wrong with the Philips Neckband Headphones. It is the perfect combination of style, performance and price. These headphones have superb sound quality, is brightly-colored, durable and definitely waterproof. This is easy to find if you want to buy one and already has a free collar clip.

    iPod Shuffle

    There are also many MP3 players in the world that claim that they are the right gadget to buy for running. This even includes running devices, smartphones and Bluetooth MP3 players. However, those have been running for a long time are satisfied with the iPod shuffle. It is a small player, can easily be clipped and provides quality sounds. It is reliable, easy to use and has no screen to deal with. On top of that it only costs $40. You need not buy a separate container at all. Enough said.

    Gadgets That Will Get (and Keep) You Going

    Gadgets That Will Get (and Keep) You Going

    Garmin Forerunner 610

    You also want a gadget that you can bring anywhere that provides you quick details about your activity. The Garmin Forerunner does exactly those tasks. It allows you to monitor your heartbeat, track your running path using GPS and at the same time gives you a reliable watch. For those that can afford it, this is really a must-have for serious runners out there.


    These gadgets could also be expensive so consider your financial status before making any decision to buy. Remember that more the gadget, you must not be dependent on these gadgets to perform your exercise routines. Remember also that these gadgets are not the one that burns your fat. It is still the actual exercise that makes you fit. Even without these gadgets, you can still perform routines that will keep you fit.

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  • Asking for a raise is one thing that a lot of employees find hard to. Even executives are reluctant to negotiate. Often people believe that they can get a good raise if they work hard and do a good job. This isn’t the case all the time. Sometimes you have to be the one to ask for it. The economic crisis has made companies more and more careful in giving salary raises. It may even be close to impossible for them to provide a raise when they are downsizing or restructuring. Then again, this shouldn’t stop you from getting the raise you want. After all, you can still get what you want as long as you do it right.

    Why are you asking for a raise?

    This is the first thing you should do. Do you feel undervalued? Are your peers getting more than you? Is your performance affected with your current salary? Maybe it’s not just the money that you want to be addressed. Perhaps you also want your bonus, leave entitlement, or pension to be addressed.

    Want a Pay Raise?

    Want a Pay Raise?

    Look at the overall picture

    Is your company doing fine or is it affected with the crisis? Find out if it is the perfect time to ask for a raise and if the company can afford it at this time. If it’s not the right time, it’s best to postpone your plans and wait for the right moment.

    Know how much others are getting and rate your value with honesty

    Compare your salary to the amount that others are getting. Is it close to their rate? You can think of the various ways that you’re able to use your skills and experience and become an asset to the company. Have you been doing well? Have you achieved your targets? Be honest in rating your market value.

    Take care of your profile

    Make sure a lot of people in the organization know you. It’s not enough that your boss and the rest of the team know you. Networking can be a big help in getting a raise. Look for ways to showcase your value to the business. Don’t forget to emphasize your contribution during performance appraisals.

    Choose the perfect time

    Don’t talk about getting a raise when your boss is busy or the entire team has problems to solve. You can talk to your boss after the successful completion of a project or when the team has done something good.

    How to get the salary you want

    How to get the salary you want

    Be ready to present your case

    Think of a realistic amount. Give facts and other important information on the rates other people are getting. Talk about how you’ve managed to meet goals, overcome challenges, and get good feedback during appraisals.

    Be clear and specific during the meeting

    Don’t talk about other issues during the meeting. Don’t compare yourself with your colleagues. You should be positive and say that you love your job. Never get emotional.

    At this point, you should be open to negotiation. Perhaps they will offer you an alternative such as give you more leave credits, a new car, stock options, or a bonus. You should be ready in case your boss doesn’t say yes to your request. Remember that you won’t get everything you want. If there’s no way they can give you a raise, it’s best that you stay optimistic and work harder. You can then try again. If still things don’t work out, you can always choose to leave the company and find a better opportunity.

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  • Employee retreats are basically conducted to effectively interact with employees of the organization. It is an ideal program to share, discuss, and resolve business related issues and queries. Businesses and organizations of different types are conducting employee retreat for they see the beneficial side of this program. However, this also has advantages and disadvantages as a program.

    The Advantages of Employee Retreats

    This program lets all the over worked employees rejuvenate and relax offsite and in a much casual setting. The program entails a lot of objectives. This is intended to let employees at different levels speak up about the different business challenges. Encourage the employees to come up with effective and reliable solutions towards greater communication and to discuss the different qualities of an excellent team leader and motivate employees to actively participate.



    Usually for companies that always have this retreat every year, they update what they have discussed from the past retreat and add other topic. So, for those employees who have stayed for many years on the certain company probably has the qualities of a role model employee, if that person keeps all the qualities taught to him during the retreat.

    The Disadvantages of Employee Retreats

    Though employee retreats are beneficial to any business and organization, but it also has disadvantages. Corporate retreats can be very expensive depending on the duration, location, and venue. And there are also lots of worked involved in retreats but the most crucial part is planning for the agenda. Thus, for big corporation they must have an excellent planner for this who has the knowledge and connection on where to conduct a retreat. Moreover, the planner must have the best resources of great speakers who are willing to share their expertise and experiences in order for them to inspire those employees.

    How to Build or Develop Independent Organizational Work Teams

    How to Build or Develop Independent Organizational Work Teams

    The Importance of Employee Retreat

    • It encourages goal oriented decision making – it improves decision making and planning aspects of a business. Planning and decision making is very important in any type of business. Good planning and great decision making will define how far you can go. The employee retreat is one way of refreshing their minds and will help them throw away excess baggage on their shoulders like feeling insecure, incompetence, and doubt. Through this, employees will be train how to become better to best employees.

    • Higher Level of Client Loyalty – target oriented business actions and strategies can actually lead to higher level of client loyalty, this is because of the laid out policies and plans identifying the target audiences.

    • Manage Overheads – Professionals get knowledge about effectively managing costs, people, multiple projects, etc. cutting overheads is very easy with the cooperation of people under you. Thus, if only those people knew the company’s expenses and if they can only help the company, they can gain freebies or even bonus.

    • Achieve Business Growth – Such events will lead to increased development of more focused, customer centric decision making and planning.

    As a business owner, you should see both the importance and the drawbacks of organizing an employee retreat for you to be able to reap its absolute benefits

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